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Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober Author Chat May 17 at 2010 ASTD International Conference!

May 6, 2010 10:16 by Victoria Devaux

Another top-of-the-charts author chat to announce! Former Disney insiders and first-time ASTD authors this year, Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober will be speaking in the ASTD bookstore at an author chat on "How to Lead With Your Customer," Monday, May 17th from 4:00-5:15 pm. Mark and Jeff will be pulling heavily from their brand-new book, Lead With Your Customer. Make sure to grab one before the chat so you can follow along, and then get their signatures afterward! 

Haven't registered for the conference yet? Pre-registration ends Friday, May 7th, so do it now! Stay updated on more ICE news and events on the ICE Twitter page.

 For more information on leadership, consider attending the session Results-Based Leadership: The Impact of a Clear Vision on Organizational Success at the ASTD 2010 International Conference and Exposition.

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Categories: Books
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New Book from ASTD: Former Disney Insiders Provide Roadmap to Organizational Excellence

May 5, 2010 10:31 by Kristen Fyfe

Want to create organizational excellence? Decades of experience at Disney and other Fortune 500 organizations are brought to bear in Lead with Your Customer, a book that goes beyond buzzwords and business theory and provides a practical roadmap to achieving excellence in an organization. This is not an academic book about business theories, but is a book about people—both external (customers) and internal (employees) — what makes them tick, and how truly understanding them can give a company the competitive edge.

Lead with Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence spells out a clear method for focusing on the right things to achieve world-class results and bottom-line success. This proven process of improvement knits together four key concepts to create a strategic foundation:

•Leadership excellence—how to use the groundbreaking World-Class Excellence Model to transform your business.
•Employee engagement—the importance of passion and providing products and services that motivate your internal customers.
•Customer satisfaction—creating a service experience that strengthens your long-term customer relationships and loyalty.
•Loyalty and long-term success—the importance of integrated integrity on real-world results.

From leadership self-assessment to the examination of core customer qualities, Lead with Your Customer explores how to understand people's motivations and leverage this insight to create an experience that serves internal and external customers. Examples from legendary organizations like Apple, Google, General Electric, IKEA—and of course the Walt Disney Company— provide excellent support for the World-Class Excellence Model developed by the authors.

Lead with Your Customer is written by Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober, who have decades of experience at Disney and other Fortune 500 organizations. Out of their proven success they developed their World-Class Excellence Model. Lead with Your Customer offers the opportunity to get an insider's angle on the great business successes of our time.

Lead with Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence can be found on the ASTD Store at

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