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More stuff happening at #TK11

February 4, 2011 14:10 by Tora Estep

So I started trying to capture some of what was coming out of ASTD TechKnowledge 2011 Conference and Exposition on Twitter yesterday, but so much is happening that I ran out of time. Here's some more information to report from there (for more collections of backchannel info, check out Misadventures in Learning):

  • Well, ASTD got a couple of digs about the use of paper-based evaluations for TK. I guess we'll need to think about that for upcoming conferences!
  • Michael Allen had a session about instructional design that generated a lot of comments (what's really cool is that he is going to do a book for us called Leaving ADDIE Behind that will be coming out later this year! Because I will be working on that book, expect to hear about it here!). Some representative comments:
    • The "rules" get in the way of learning. Who's to say how long it takes or what path students should take to learning?
    • People want to "do" things, not read about doing things.
    • We need to create experiences, not instruction.
    • ESD instead of ISD.
    • A lot of people were asking, "Is ISD dying as an instructional design tool?" Seems like Allen may be saying it is.
    • What's the last thing learners should be doing, and in what context? Then ask, what challenges will learners face?
  • Several comments came out of Marc Rosenberg's session on managing organizational knowledge in the age of Web 2.0:
    • KM is getting knowledge from people who have it to people who need it.
    • Most of what you know is NOT on the internet. It's in your head. Social applied to the internet makes it easier to get it out.
    • Most companies can't surface the creativity and knowledge their people have.
    • When you produce and consume information on the internet, you care about the quality and can easily weed out the crap stuff.
    • Training can extinguish people's ability; learning to learn.  
    • Stop waiting for this to be perfected. It will never be perfected.
    • Moving beyond elearning to eknowledge. Think big, start small.
  • Anders Gronstedt's session about using games, social media, and virtual worlds in the workplace got several comments:
    • Points, badges, levels, time-pressure, challenges, and rewards to engage.
    • Use gamification to get unstuck from the academic paradigm.
    • Skillset may be different but cost is transferable when designing in virtual worlds or using video.
    • Moving role play from classroom to virtual environment giving much better results.
    • Being inside the data lets you see patterns you wouldn't otherwise see.
    • No one ever logged in to Webex just to hang out. They do in virtual worlds.

Actually, just a general reading of the Twitter feed illustrates different ways that it can be used. A lot of people obviously signed up for Twitter for the first time and started asking questions about how to use it. @stevier and @TerrenceWing, obviously long time users of Twitter, explained that you have to use Twitter to really understand its value and arrranged a Tweetup at a nearby bar. @TerrenceWing and @ASTD pointed to The ASTD TechKnowledge Daily, an online newspaper reporting what's going on every day at TK11. Some folks missed meet to eat, so they made other arrangements. And a lot of people who weren't able to make it to the conference commented that they were glad to be able to get in some of the action through Twitter. So there are a few things you can get from Twitter: basically live reports of the action, opportunities to meet virtually and in reality with people, and tons of information from multiple sources.  

And that's going to be it for what's going on at TK (at least as viewed through Twitter) for today, but I will get back with some more summaries and comments on Monday! Have a great weekend, and safe travels to all conference attendees! Oh, and I almost forgot, for those of you who want more or weren't able to make to the conference, all is not lost! You can still sign up for the Virtual Conference!  

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What's happening at #TK11?

February 3, 2011 16:01 by Tora Estep

ASTD's TechKnowledge 2011 Conference & Exposition started yesterday, and I have been keeping an eye on the Twitter feed to find out what's going on. Yesterday, Tony Bingham and and Kara Swisher did the keynote address. Cammie Bean liveblogged Tony Bingham's comments and Kara Swisher's keynote speech.

What are some of the takeaways from Tony's speech? Complexity will keep increasing, requiring leaders to become more creative. Mobile devices are and will continue to become a critical way to deliver learning (hm, maybe I should start thinking about upgrading my phone). Furthermore, new technologies are converging, creating whole new scenarios. What will that mean for learning professionals going forward? Learning is going mobile, and organizations are going to support more and more of that. That means ISD is up for a makeover. What else? Devices are going to figure out what you need, instead of requiring you to go looking for it.

Here are some of the frequent comments coming out of Twitter during Kara Swisher's presentation:

  • one of the top tech trends is the socialization of technology
  • information is every-changing, adding a level of instantness and thus changing the nature of information itself
  • everyone contributes, is an author; producers become consumers of content, thus improving the overall content
  • the masses are smarter than the elite; mistakes can be fixed faster
  • social changes the dynamics of how information gets to you; it's no longer controlled by gatekeepers
  • mobile is the future of everything; the geeks are right: We're moving to a Star Trek-like environment (oh, I guess I had better get some tall boots and mini-skirts...)
  • in a year everyone will have a tablet
  • people have relationships with their phones now
  • geolocation is another trend to pay attention to; it enables the real and the virtual worlds to collide--of course this has privacy implications...
  • everything is in the cloud; it makes sense to store everything in the cloud and not store it locally (allows you to pull it down from anywhere)
  • multitouch screens
  • how does this affect learning? The consumer drives everything.

I'll be back tomorrow with more from #TK11. To keep up with it in real time, follow the hashtag #TK11 on Twitter!

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ASTD TechKnowledge Gets Intimate with Hot Topics, Experts, and You

January 3, 2011 11:30 by Kristen Fyfe

ASTD TechKnowledge has added a new series of content to its e-learning conference event. ASTD TechKnowledge, taking place February 2 - 4 in San Jose, CA, will feature "TK Chat." Using an informal mix of interview and conversation, a series of topical discussions will give attendees a chance to connect with both experts and peers and challenge the thinking and knowledge on the latest trends in technology-based learning. Discussions will be moderated by Cammy Bean and Michelle Lentz.

Some of the topics include Virtual Classrooms, Mobile Learning, Instructional Design, and Social Media. Attendees will get to "chat" with revered experts including Bob Mosher, Allison Rossett, Ellen Wagner, Clark Quinn, and more.

Get the full list of topics, time, dates, and experts.

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@Tonybingham Shares Special #TK11 Discount Savings with You

December 9, 2010 13:54 by Kristen Fyfe

Our CEO, Tony Bingham, invites you to attend ASTD TechKnowledge at a special discount. Use MEETATTK when you register for ASTD TechKnowledge and receive $100 off your full registration rate now through 12/31/2010.

Use the code before 12/11/2010 and get a signed copy of Tony’s new book, The New Social Learning.

Visit TK2011 for more information!

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ASTD TechKnowledge 2010

November 17, 2009 14:40 by Victoria Devaux

The ASTD TechKnowledge® 2010 Conference & Exposition provides attendees with the latest information, best practices, and learning technology resources available to drive personal and organizational effectiveness. Browse through 80 educational sessions. TechKnowledge offers advice of budget solutions anda cirtual conference if you can't make the trip out. Visit to learn more and to download the session handout now.

This year's conference takes place at the luxurious Rio Las Vegas! The Rio hosts more than 2,500 suites, providing spectacular views of Las Vegas.
Register by November 19th and save $250 off the regular registration rate and get rooms for only $129/night.

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Categories: Books | Conferences
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ASTD's Virtual Conference Featured in Association Meetings Magazine

October 13, 2009 14:25 by Kristen Fyfe
ASTD is at the forefront on a lot of issues and leads on a lot of trends - especially on the technology front. Under President and CEO Tony Bingham's leadership ASTD started a virtual conference initiative with this year's TechKnowledge conference. The virtual offering was a hit and led to an expanded virtual offering for the International Conference & Exposition held this spring in Washington, D.C. We put out a press release about the virtual conference which led to call from a reporter from Association Meetings during the conference. Lo and behold the publication found the idea of virtual conferences so intriguing they called back and wanted to know more about it since ASTD is definitely at the forefront in using this platform to meet member needs.  The result is this story "Six Elements of a Virtual Conference" which features Anthony Allen, ASTD's Director of Digital Media, very prominently. The very cool photo in the article is courtesy of our friends at The Photo Group.

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Are you blogging about Techknowledge?

December 31, 2008 17:00 by aallen

The bloging world has aready heating up with comments and posts about Techknowledge! Tony Karrer has posted about his keynote session -- Are you going to be blogging about the event? If so, make sure you add a link to your blog by adding a comment below.



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