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DesignJot, the First iPad App for Instructional Designers

July 14, 2011 13:00 by Ann Pace

(From Business Wire) -- Allen Communication Learning Services is proud to announce the release of DesignJot, the first app made specifically for training professionals and instructional designers, now available for download at the iTunes store.

DesignJot is an innovative new tool for the iPad that will help new and seasoned instructional designers, trainers and performance consultants build better training by sharpening the collaboration between designers and stakeholders.

“This new app will revolutionize how the foundation is laid for new training courses,” said Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen Communication. “By using this single tool, training development professionals will have all they need to complete a rapid needs analysis and export a high-level course design for an impactful training solution at their fingertips. All this, coupled with the go-anywhere convenience of the iPad, makes this tool truly revolutionary.”

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Ignore social media for L&D at your peril

April 7, 2011 13:30 by Ann Pace

(From Charity Learning Consortium) -- "L&D has a tough job introducing social media tools into workplace learning; they are fighting not only the prejudices of senior managers but their own," writes Clive Shepherd in a recent eNewsletter and blog post for the Charity Learning Consortium.

"But whatever the obstacles, social media tools will become ubiquitous because our use of these tools outside the workplace is becoming so pervasive that it will be unimaginable that we will not try to realise the same benefits at work. All that's necessary is for the key decision-makers in organisations to become avid social media users themselves - and that is only a question of time - and the doors will fly open....The stark truth is that, even if they don't, it will happen anyway."

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Unlocking the Potential of On-Demand Learning in the Workplace

December 9, 2010 16:00 by Ann Pace

(From UNC Kenan-Flagler) -- One solution to the dilemma of providing quality training opportunities as corporate resources continue to dwindle is on-demand, online learning programs. Many training and development professionals shelved earlier E-learning prototypes because they lacked key components to the transfer of learning—the ability to interact and collaborate with instructors and fellow students. Over the years, E-learning programs have matured into interactive experiences that engage all types of learners.

Today‘s E-learning takes what worked from earlier versions of distance learning (such as video conferencing) and combines it with new Web technologies, to provide richer, more dynamic learning experiences than ever before.

This white paper will discuss the evolution of online, on-demand learning and what to look for when designing or purchasing E-learning programs for your organization. Through case examples, it will also provide training and development professionals with ideas about how to apply on-demand learning in their workplaces to meet strategic objectives and succeed in today‘s fast-paced global marketplace.

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