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Praise on the Job

June 16, 2011 14:00 by Ann Pace

(From -- Let's pause for a moment in praise of ...  praise.

Bosses and their employees have one thing in common: Practically everyone feels unappreciated at least some of the time.

Picture a difficult scenario that has played out in far too many workplaces in the current economy: The boss makes the unpopular announcement that a job opening within the company will not be filled, in order to save money.

The employees immediately think, "We're already understaffed and now I will have to do even more work for the same money! Do these people even realize what this will mean to my workload?"

At the same time, the boss is thinking, "They are all glaring at me, but instead of announcing this, I thought I was going to have to lay off an employee or cut salaries 10% across the board to keep from going out of business. Do these people even realize what I just did - for them?"

No matter the role a person plays in the workplace or how "important" his or her job, everyone could use the boost that comes from the encouragement of others. However, not all praise is praiseworthy.

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