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Employee Learning Week Recognized in Congressional Record

December 9, 2011 16:08 by Kristen Fyfe

Thanks to Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia, ASTD and Employee Learning Week are recognized in the Congressional Record this week.

Part of the proclamation reads:

"...ASTD has declared December 5th through December 9th, 2011 as 'Employee Learning Week' and designated time for organizations to recognize teh strategic value of employee learning. I applaud ASTD and its members for their dedication to developing knowledgeable and skilled employees during Employee Learning Week. I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting policies that commit to maintaining a highly skilled workforce."



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Why Employee Learning Week?

December 9, 2011 11:30 by Kristen Fyfe

ASTD's Employee Learning Week was created as an initiative to raise awareness about the value of employee learning and development and the important role L&D professionals play in organizations.

Today marks the last day of Employee Learning Week 2011, but we know it's not the last day of employee learning!

Employee learning is something that happens every day in big ways and small ways. It happens in formal settings and office hallways. It happens via desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. It happens whenever someone has a question that needs to be answered.

Employee learning and development helps create the highly skilled workforce that is critical to driving growth for organizations.

Tony Bingham, ASTD's President and CEO recently said this to a gathering of learning professionals in Brazil:

"It is our people who will create and implement innovative ideas, and form sustainable enterprises throughout the world. In today’s knowledge economy, people are the key differentiator. The best and most strategic leaders make sure they have the right people with the right skills in the right place. And they also make sure they have smart learning and development professionals on board aligning talent to meet the organization’s goals. These are challenging and exciting times for our profession!"

To all the learning professionals out there - Happy Employee Learning Week! And thank you for your commitment to creating a world that works better!


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Entrepreneur Touts ASTD, Value of Training

November 14, 2011 15:02 by Kristen Fyfe

Learning and development is critical to business success. We all know that. It's nice when a major media outlet like Entrepreneur makes the case too. Check out this feature article, How to Make Employee Training a Winning Investment, which includes a nice mention of ASTD and quotes executive editor, Pat Galagan.


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ASTD Image of the Day: We've Come a Long Way! Circa 1948

October 20, 2011 07:53 by aallen

Today's image comes from the January-February 1948 issue of The Journal of Industrial Training. This is one panel of the 27 sections of the Federal Training Officers' Conference exhibit of materials held recently in Washington. Shown, from left to right, are the displays prepared by the Department of Agriculture, the Justice Department's Bureau of Prisons, and the Johnson and Johnson Company.

Twenty-seven of 80 government agencies submitted materials for this exhibit. The goal of the exhibit was to increase interest in workplace training among government officials and to bring together those individuals in government whose particular concern lies in the field of training.

Technology has changed the look and dynamics of today's exhibits. What would your exhibit for your organization look like in 1948? What information would you include about your training program?

For more information about T+D magazine, visit




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New Research from ASTD: Learning is Critical to Innovation

October 4, 2011 16:27 by Kristen Fyfe

Organizations of any size and industry need to innovate to remain successful. Whether it’s an iPhone-like breakthrough or a new spin on a traditional idea, if companies want to foster innovation they must have systems and strategies in place to encourage, develop, and sustain new thinking in every role in the organization.

In a new research study Learning to Innovate: Exploring Learning’s Critical Role in Fostering Innovation ASTD and i4cp (the Institute for Corporate productivity) examine the importance of innovation in business success and the ways learning influences it. Companies cannot hope innovation will happen organically. The learning function can and should play a critical role in developing and sustaining the innovative culture that is the hallmark of successful organizations. This report includes a synopsis of interviews with learning leaders who have successfully fostered and sustained innovative practices at high performing companies.

The study contains recommendations on fostering innovation. They include

• Have the learning function take a prominent role in innovation. Make sure any functions dedicated to innovation are solidly integrated with learning. Learning departments can also develop programs that foster innovation.
• Incorporate innovation as a competency in the performance management process.
• Don’t punish a well-thought out failure. Learn from the positive steps in the process.
• Job rotations and stretch assignments can allow people to think innovatively.

ASTD members can download a free whitepaper on the study. The full report Learning to Innovate: Exploring Learning’s Critical Role in Fostering Innovation is available on the ASTD store.

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Social Learning Competencies: A Call to Action for Learning Professionals

August 10, 2011 10:24 by Kristen Fyfe

The use of social media tools is revolutionizing the learning and development profession and practitioners need to develop skills in this important area. ASTD announces an update to the ASTD Competency Model that identifies competencies in social learning. This update will also be reflected in the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification exams beginning in September, 2011.

A feature article titled “Social Learning: A Call to Action for Learning Professionals,” in the August issue of T+D magazine, contains information about the new social learning competencies and the update to the ASTD Competency Model.

The research-backed competency model is strategically important to the profession because it answers the question, “What do learning professionals need to know and do to be successful in the learning and performance field?” The model includes nine areas of expertise (AOE) and identifies what knowledge and skills are important to have and develop. ASTD published the latest major ASTD Competency Study in 2004 as a means to define and advance the profession, and to provide a roadmap for professional development for learning practitioners. 

Information about the ASTD Competency Model and social learning update can be found at Information about the CPLP certification exam changes related to social learning competencies can be found at

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DesignJot, the First iPad App for Instructional Designers

July 14, 2011 13:00 by Ann Pace

(From Business Wire) -- Allen Communication Learning Services is proud to announce the release of DesignJot, the first app made specifically for training professionals and instructional designers, now available for download at the iTunes store.

DesignJot is an innovative new tool for the iPad that will help new and seasoned instructional designers, trainers and performance consultants build better training by sharpening the collaboration between designers and stakeholders.

“This new app will revolutionize how the foundation is laid for new training courses,” said Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen Communication. “By using this single tool, training development professionals will have all they need to complete a rapid needs analysis and export a high-level course design for an impactful training solution at their fingertips. All this, coupled with the go-anywhere convenience of the iPad, makes this tool truly revolutionary.”

Read more.

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You're Invited to Join in a Unique Learning Opportunity

June 24, 2011 16:12 by Kristen Fyfe

On June 29th, the ASTD Forum is celebrating its 20th anniversary by hosting a virtual panel discussion featuring industry veterans Ed Betof, Jeanette Harrison, and George Wolfe. The ASTD Forum is a consortium of senior practitioners and their vPanel discussions are usually closed to the general public.

This is your chance to hear from some of our profession’s most experienced leaders as they discuss what their experience has taught them about the learning field and what they think learning professionals ought to know.

 Use this link to register for the session:

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Help Write a Book! ASTD Author is Looking for Social Learning Tips, Tricks, and Tools

May 10, 2011 15:52 by Kristen Fyfe

Darin Hartley, author of 10 Steps to Social Networking for Business is writing a new book on social learning and wants the input of learning practitioners who are using social learning every day. Here's Darin's message:

I am working on a follow-up book to 10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business (ASTD Press, 2010) called: 101 (or so) Tips, Tricks and Tools for Social Learning (ASTD Press, 2012). The market is saturated with books on social media and networking in general, but there are fewer books available on the practical application of social learning. Many of you are interested in leveraging social media for learning…but aren’t sure of some of the capabilities of the technology or your own capabilities to implement. You want to use the technology but might not be clear on some ways to harness the power of these systems to help support learning readiness in your organization. This book will be full of ideas (101 or so) for lots of ways to implement aspects of social media into your learning and performance programs.

In the spirit of these technologies, and because, I believe that real-world practitioners, like yourselves will have the best, most practical tips, I’m reaching out to you for your input. Please send me your social learning tips, tricks, and tools—I have created an intake survey here:

The survey can be used to gather contact information and the highlights of the social learning best practice you want to share. The best part of this is if your input becomes part of the book, you will be recognized in the book, as well as receive a copy after publication!

Join our Facebook fan page to receive updates and special offers:

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ASTD Loves Our Volunteers!

April 11, 2011 13:13 by Kristen Fyfe

It's National Volunteer Week which made me think it's a good time to offer a heartfelt "THANK YOU!!" to all of the volunteers who give their time and energy to ASTD. From our Board of Directors, to those who serve on advisory committees, to the people who help us at our conferences, and with special initiatives like reviewing award applications, ASTD is fortunate to benefit from the passion, commitment, and talent of so many people.

Here's  a list of all of ASTD national's volunteer committees:

ASTD Board of Directors
ASTD Certification Institute Board of Directors
ASTD Forum Advisory Group
Awards Strategy Committee
BEST Awards Advisory Committee
Chapter-focused committees:
Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee
Chapter Recognition Committee
Editorial Board
International Conference Program Advisory Committee
National Advisors for Chapters
Public Policy Council
Sales Training Advisory Committee
Selection Committee
Talent Management Advisory Committee
TechKnowledge® Program Advisory Committee

In addition there are thousands of volunteers who give of their time at the local level by serving their ASTD chapter.

Thanks to all of you who give so generously and help ASTD fulfill its vision to "create a world that works better."

Happy Volunteer Week! 



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