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Companies diverting more resources to high performers in 2012

November 17, 2011 11:00 by Ann Pace

(From -- Companies will be spending more on their high performers in 2012 than they did in previous years as they continue to target resources towards those that deliver most to the bottom line, according to survey data from Mercer. However, a two tiered approach to pay is emerging with 12% of companies also stating that 25% of their staff will not get a pay rise in 2012 due to performance issues.

The information comes from the 412 senior HR and Reward Specialists who attended Mercer’s 2012 Compensation Planning in EMEA webinar. According to respondents, when asked if, in 2012, they would spend proportionately less, the same or more, on their top performers compared to an average performer than they had in previous years, 44% stated that they would spend more. Fifty percent said that they would spend the same while 5 percent said that they would spend less.

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