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Managing managers

February 11, 2011 15:31 by Tora Estep

IncMagazine just tweeted an article about how to manage managers that provides some guidelines for ensuring that the people you hire are helping you to grow your business. The article outlines these steps for managing managers:

  1. Set the vision: Make sure your managers know what they are managing toward.
  2. Document the details and communicate: Make sure managers have the details they need, both the hows (such as those found in an employee handbook) and the whys (such as would be communicated in the strategy). Meet regularly with them.
  3. Measure tasks. Alice Waagen, founder and president of Workforce Learning, provides some specific performance guidelines. (Alice Waagen has also written some Infolines for ASTD, including "Task Analysis," "Essentials for Evaluation," and "How to Budget Training."
  4. Manage behavior. The article notes that most employees quit because of bad managers and provides some guidelines for helping managers become better people managers.
  5. Finally, the best way to manage a manager is to coach him or her to fix his or her own problems, rather than fixing them yourself.

In the last couple of years, ASTD Press has published a variety of books with guidelines for becoming a better manager, including

To browse the ASTD Press collection of management titles, click here.

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