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Will the Baby Boomers Adjust to Social Media?

February 11, 2010 12:30 by Ann Pace

(From CSRWire) -- Is there a ‘digital divide’ between the millennium and baby boomer generations? Will the baby boomers admit they are falling behind? Or, are they waiting for more proof of its usefulness?

I remember moving from a huge accounts receivable ‘posting’ machine to a personal computer to track our invoices and receivables; we hired a personal computer trainer to help us. I remember introducing ‘voice mail’ to our bank; the Board said ‘nothing will replace the receptionist’. Voice mail prevailed. When was the last time you got a receptionist at the bank? I remember when we suggested the company should have a ‘web site’ and some older managers said, “what’s a web site?”  When email arrived, those that couldn’t type, learned to type.

With the advent of ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ and other social media platforms, the baby boomers are facing another technological revolution.  They have proven to be among most adaptable to change.  But some have not embraced the technology and are wondering what’s all the fuss. “I can’t read all the emails I get as it is; how am I going to track and follow what socks some kid is wearing?” posited a large corporate CEO to me.

On the other hand, Rob Thomas of Social (k) put out news on and received contact from a very large potential client and a business publication requesting an interview.  Two calls, from a press release, that resulted in an article and a new retirement plan client.  He’s a baby boomer using social media.

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